Legend: ■ social epistemology ■ decision theory, risk & precaution ■ quantum mechanics ■ general philosophy of science ■ ethics


(2015) Qu’est-ce que la Mécanique Quantique ?, Paris: Vrin, Coll. "Chemins Philosophiques", 128 p. [at Vrin].

What is Quantum Mechanics? (in French)

Reviewed in l'Oeil de Minerve (in French).

Edited volume

(2017) Scientific Collaboration and Collective Knowledge, (edited with Conor Mayo-Wilson and Michael Weisberg) New York: Oxford University Press. [pdf][at OUP]

Reviewed in BJPS Review of BooksLato Sensu, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, Philosophy of Science.

Journal articles

Articles in international peer-reviewed journals

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= "A new experimental approach to test quantum-like models of the conjunction fallacy"

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Articles in peer-reviewed journals

(2017) "Le principe de précaution", (article ‘Grand Public’), in M. Kristanek (éd.), L'Encyclopédie Philosophique [www]
= "The precautionary principle"

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= "The interpretations of quantum mechanics: an introductory overview"

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= "Interpreting a physical theory"

Working or submitted papers

"L'acceptabilité du risque dans les groupes"

"Institutionalizing values in scientific expertise" (with Julie Jebeile)

Chapter in edited books

( 2020) "Physique quantique", entry of the Dictionnaire Encyclopédique de l'Identité, dir. Jean Gayon, Paris: Gallimard, coll. Folio Essais.